Our Store

The Dolly Henry concept store was launched in 2018. Following the vision of designer + owner Megan Price, the store aims to tell a story through simple stitches, weaving threads and moments together to create a beautiful new cloth.

In an increasingly busy environment, taking a moment to pause, ponder and create is incredibly humbling and satisfying. Returning to the simple act of producing something with needle and thread brings a sense of peace and contentment. It evokes images of freshly laundered quilts drying in the breeze, favorite party dresses, and raggedy dolls faded with love and childish kisses. All memories woven into cloth and thread.

We believe in learning to know the maker's behind the products you buy, how the item in your hands came to be there. By creating yourself, the story unfolds and you begin to understand the process. With the ability to appreciate the time and resources it takes to create a garment, a cushion or a bag, we hope this will encourage you to make more informed choices about the process and ethics behind the products you purchase.

Our store stocks a beautiful array of fabric and creative notions, allowing you to achieve beautiful results that produce designer pieces for your home. Taking the time-honored techniques and traditions of yesteryear, to breathe new life into today's creations. By choosing to work with quality materials and fibers, you will be inspired to achieve new possibilities in your craft. Enrich each day through making, telling your story with thread.