How to Order Fabric

1. How do I order fabric and trims?

Fabric is available by the 1/2m increment. Fat quarters are listed separately and are of limited availability.

To order, enter the required qty and add to cart. Example:

0.5m cut = 1 qty

1m cut = 2 qty

1.5m cut = 3 qty

2m cut = 4 qty

2. I would like to order more than 0.5m of one fabric print - is the fabric cut in one continuous piece?

Yes, the fabric can be purchased in 1/2 meter increments, however for cuts larger than 1/2m the pieces are cut in one continuous length. So if you ordered 1.5m of one fabric, you will receive a 1.5m x fabric width piece.

3. I am used to ordering by the yard, how much is a meter in comparison to a yard?

All our fabrics and trims are sold using the metric system unless otherwise stated.

1 yard = 36 inches           vs             1m = 39 inches

0.5m (1/2 metre) is equal to 19.5 inches approx.

1m (1 metre) is equal to 39 inches approx.

1.5m (1 1/2m) is equal to 59 inches approx

See question 1 for "How to Order Fabric"

4. I only wish to order 1/4m cut - how do I do this?

Our minimum order cut on any fabric print or trim is 1/2m. Sometimes, we will have fat quarters and other smaller cuts available, listed separately.

If you need further assistance, please contact us.