The Princess and The Pea - A Modern Fairy Tale

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The Princess and the PeaThe Princess and The Pea

The Princess and The Pea

The Princess and The Pea

The Princess and The Pea


Meet Clover Charlotte.

She is a woodland princess, she loves to wear pinafores and flower crowns. Her only hint that she could be of royal origin, is tiny gold Mary-Jane shoes. She rides a deer, instead of a horse, her favourite food is Apple pie and she is currently studying to become a florist. Her Mother and Father were also King and Queen so she officially is titled Princess Clover Charlotte, but as she would rather spend her days with her adorable woodland friends, she tends to drop the pretentious Princess stuff. It's totally not her thing. And she collects pompoms.
One fine day, because Clover Charlotte isn't silly enough to take her deer out on a *wild and stormy night*, she came across a rather enchanting castle to the north of the woods. Ever hopeful of meeting Mr. Right (CC is a romantic at heart!) she knocked on the door, only to be greeted by a rather interesting looking old lady. (you'll find out about her odd habits later!) Clover Charlotte asked if she was letting out any rooms for the weekend, as she was in the area to tour the many amazing apple orchards, when coming down the drive, dressed as a white horse, was the lady's son - Sir Appleby. The old lady explained that her son had just returned from a costume party, and would have to check the bookings to see if there was a room available. 
Clover Charlotte could see that Sir Appleby was rather handsome, so she was delighted to find she would be able to lodge there that weekend. The old lady eyed CC suspiciously and before our sweet Princess could even utter a shy "hello" to Sir Appleby, his Mother whisked her upstairs to her room.
Clover Charlotte shut the door behind her, and gasped in amazement at the room before her...
the linen and decor was everything she had dreamed of! Could this be true love???

Clover Charlotte, tired from her day's journey, quickly made herself at home among the many layers of mattresses, quilts and a cute cloud cushion called Cedric. Surely this would be the most comfortable, most wonderful sleep of her life! Never had CC seen SO many mattresses and snuggled under such squishy quilts...

If only she had thought to ask Cedric a few questions..she would have found out that Sir Appleby's mother had a rather peculiar habit. You see, no matter HOW Sir Appleby disguised his mother's greens, she just would not eat them. (fussy eaters!) He even tried promising dessert but the old lady outwitted her son and so had her cake and ate it too. When Sir Appleby wasn't looking, his mother would sneak peas into her apron pockets...and then stow them in the guest room, under the bed where he wouldn't find them. But unbeknownst to her, they had a Princess under the roof that night, and Lady Appleby's secret was about to be exposed....

Clover Charlotte tossed and turned. Her frown grew deeper as she wondered, why on earth she could not get comfortable. This would not do! She had a full day of Apple farm tours in the morning, and she must simply get some sleep. Finally after several hours, CC climbed down from her supposedly squishy stack and looked under the bed. There she saw a pea. "Ah-ha!" said the Princess. "I know this old trick!" Rubbing her back, she tossed the pea aside and pulling the mattresses down, she made herself one big happy pile of blankets and pillows on the floor. She would sleep soundly tonight! And in the morning, Sir Appleby and his mother were in for a surprise.

Clover Charlotte emerged from her room, bright and early. In the breakfast room, where Sir Appleby and his mother sat enjoying a bit of Apple porridge, she walked over, cleared her throat and plonked the pea on the table. Sir Appleby looked at her in surprise and his mother turned pale. Once Clover Charlotte explained the situation and threatened to leave a bad review about their B&B, Sir Appleby apologised profusely and glaring at his mother, offered to refund the cost of her stay. Clover Charlotte, still rather liking the look of Sir Appleby, who was now wearing stately clothing and NOT a white horse costume, told him that if he accompanied her on the Apple farm tour, she wouldn't give it another moment's thought.

And what happened next? Well after a brief courtship, the pair were married and lived happily ever after....and Sir Appleby's mother? Well she hasn't enjoyed a meal since.

The End



An original short story written by Megan Price, originally published on the Dolly Henry Blog

Handmade Princess and The Pea Doll and Playset designed and made by Dolly Henry Australia


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