Peggy and Myrtle, Sweet Mini-Dumpling Dolls

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Meet Peggy and Myrtle. They are sisters and as much as they love each other very much, they couldn't be more different than day and night. 
Myrtle is a home-maker. She spends her days baking delicious treats, keeping the little cottage dust-free and embroidering new table linen. Every night, she irons her little dress ready for the next day and often has to spend a few minutes mending the tears in Peggy's clothes.
For Peggy is a forest wanderer. She skips through the fields, gathering big posies of blossoms to take home to a delighted Myrtle. She converses with the birds and her laughter sounds like the bubbling stream that flows through the forest near their cottage.
Often, Peggy returns home at the end of the day, with a big berry-stained smile and half a basket of wild berries for Myrtle to bake into a pie for their dinner.
Myrtle and Peggy are wonderful companions for little folk - whether a forest wanderer or home-body. You can adopt Myrtle here, and Peggy can be found here.

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