Elodie's Party Planning Tips

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Elodie is known by her friends as being the best party-planner ever. Whenever one of her family members or friends needs a party, they know they can count on Elodie to help them make the day extra special.

Elodie is always ready for a party, she often wears her favourite party hat - a beautiful sparkling crown. She loves her special deer dress, as it has flutter sleeves and Elodie feels that no party outfit is complete without fluttery sleeves and a colourful necklace to match.

Here is a little list of Elodie's top tips for having the best party ever!

  1. Make the invitation special! Elodie says you need to make a beautiful invitation that reflects the style of event you are hosting. It helps to pick the colours and theme of the party first, and then you can choose or make the perfect invitation that matches the type of party you are holding.
  2. To plan the meals for the perfect party, Elodie likes to go through all her favourite recipe books, to put together the tastiest menu ever. She likes to make sure the food is suited to the party - whether it's an afternoon tea, breakfast buffet or dinner under the stars. Elodie also likes to take into account the different dietary requirements of her guests so she chooses three different dishes so everyone has something they like to eat.
  3. Decorations! Once Elodie has chosen her theme, she goes hunting for the perfect decorations to make the party extra fun. She says that going to the op-shop can be a wonderful way to find lovely props that are inexpensive, and that you can send back for someone else to use afterwards. She has also found it pays to ask her friends and family if they have anything she is able to use. Saving her pennies on some of the larger props means that Elodie can spend more on balloons, flowers, streamers and other items she needs to source from a party specialist.
  4. No party is complete without the perfect party playlist. Elodie takes her time to create a lovely selection of music that plays nicely in the background. She finds modern technology very useful for this and puts together all the tracks on her phone. 
  5. Lastly, Elodie says a party is not a party without having fun! At the end of the day, the party planning process should be as fun as the party itself. If it is feeling stressful, she knows she needs to change something as the whole point of a party is for everyone, including the planner herself, to have a jolly good time!

Elodie hopes you enjoyed her party planning tips. You can adopt her here.


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