• Making Hazel Dolls

    Hazel has been continuing her plan for world domination this week! As she whispered her secret plans in my ear, I set about creating some more little Hazel Deer so that she can be one step closer to her goal.
    Three seemed like a good number to make together and my sister very kindly stepped in to help me stuff the little Hazel arms and legs while I focused on stitching Hazel's rosey cheeks and flirty lashes. 
    I went for three very different but very darling looks, and after a couple of days and many hours of work, Hazel has three new sisters to join her at the Brisbane Finders Keepers market in June.
    I used my Hazel Deer Doll pattern and some of the gorgeous tassel trim from the Dolly Henry shop to create these gorgeous dolls. I also have been dying to work with this fabric so I incorporated it into Fig's outfit!
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