• Getting Started with Hand Embroidery

    I have always loved the rhythm of stitching. My Grandmother was excellent at embroidery, and one year I received an exquisitely embroidered teddy bear for Christmas. I appreciate the work in it now far more than I did as a child. Growing up, I was given a few different stitchy projects - from long stitch kits to blanket stitching some chickens onto an apron. I don't think I ever finished the long stitch designs as I was always quite impatient (I still am!) and I preferred faster crafts.
    However, as an adult life is so much busier and far more hectic. I now appreciate the slow stillness of sitting down with some hand work, whether it is needle and thread or a crochet hook and some yarn. It's nice to have a portable craft. Alongside sewing I have always enjoyed sketching and so I was really excited to bring these two together in the Mouse Manor Panel.
    I believe it is important to sometimes throw off restrictions and rules when it comes to craft and just DO IT without worrying about what the experts or books say about the topic. This really encourages your creativity to flourish and without having somebody else's ideas guiding you, you can really start to discover exactly who you are as a creative. You are making in a much more intuitive and childlike way. And we all know kids can produce some pretty amazing artwork!
    While all this free-spirited stitching is incredibly good for your creativity and your mind, I also understand a 'blank canvas' can be quite daunting for some people. So I have put together this little guide to getting the most from your Mouse Manor embroidery panel, along with a few links and resources you might find helpful.
    Read the full post here and find out how to get the most out of your embroidery and Mouse Manor Kit.