Welcome to Dolly Henry

Following the vision of designer + owner Megan Price, Dolly Henry weaves thread and stories together to create beautiful heirloom dolls, sewing patterns, and children's clothing. 

Megan is passionate about producing beautiful quality pieces that will last a lifetime, and inspiring creativity in the next generation. 

Meet Hazel Deer and her friends - delightful and whimsical woodland dolls. Each doll and garment is designed and handmade in our studio using time-honored techniques, producing heirloom pieces that will bring delight to a new generation. 

The Dolly Henry range also includes a gorgeous and inspiring collection of DIY sewing patterns and kits, so you too can experience the magic of creating a cloth doll with your own hands.

The Dolly Henry studio is located in the beautiful Bellingen area of NSW.


A little collection of tales and

happenings from the studio

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